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RE: [K12OSN] Responses to the central office

--- Mike Oliveri <moliveri rb60 com> wrote:
> > 4. Troubleshooting network problems caused by
> non-managed computers...
> Petre's argument works here -- let him unplug it if
> he fears it's
> causing collisions or other problems. If he's
> running managed switches,
> it should also be trivial to track down problems or
> shut off
> connectivity remotely.

And if there is no managed switch, you could install
an IPCop firewall between the LTSP server and the rest
of the network.  It's got a web interface and you can
give him the admin password for it.  This will allow
him to block traffic to/from your LTSP server as

IPCop is based on Linux, and is free.  I know someone
who uses it for his company's main firewall, and it's
running on an old Pentium 2.


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