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Re: [K12OSN] Create gnome shortcut icon to another file server

Rob Owens wrote:
--- Peter Scheie <petre maltzen net> wrote:

remote directory. I supposed I could create a script that calls sshfs, and once mounted, calls Nautilus's file manager pointed at the mountpoint; what's the syntax for that? Or is there a better way?


nautilus --no-desktop /path/to/folder

The --no-desktop option might not be necessary if
you're using Gnome, but in order to keep Nautilus off
my XFCE desktop, I need to use it.


That works. Thanks. For the record, the --no-desktop isn't necessary in my case since I'm already running the gnome desktop. The full story on what I did was create this script and then create a launcher that calls it:

sshfs remotesrv: $HOME/.remote
nautilus $HOME/.remote

I made the mountpoint a hidden directory to keep people from accidently deleting it or saving files under it when the remote host wasn't mounted. Then I put

fusermount -u $HOME/.remote

in /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default to unmount it when the user logs out. BTW, there's also a Default.ltsp in that directory, put putting the fusermount in that didn't work.


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