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Re: [K12OSN] is FC5 smp kernel slow

Yes, I'd definitely be using more ram if you are actually hitting the swap.
Is the swap just cached stuff or are you actually hitting it?

On Oct 30, 2006, at 9:51 PM, Barry Cisna wrote:

Hello Listers,

Just installed K12LTSP v5.0 on a 2.4 ghz intel/dual core desktop
box,that I thought would be pretty snappy for experimenting with. FC did
install the smp kernel,of course,and this only has 360 MB of ram. It
seems like it is going to boot up fast when the services are all loading
but by the time it is getting to a desktop,it seem very slow, getting
the desktop drawn. When i was trying to get all the software installed
that i had copied from one of my previous server,lots,,of rpm's it just
kept getting slower and slower. It does show about half of available
swap was used, but both cpu's never showed over 5-6 % all the time. By
the time I booted one client to this server everything seems very
mushy/slow. Do i simply need more ram for this box,or has others
experienced the smp kernel being slow? My oldie AMD 1.0 GHZ with 364MB
of ram  experimental was much snappier than this box.
Any grizzled sysadmins have any thoughts?..


Barry Cisna

westcentral school

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