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[K12OSN] Thunderbird can send but not receive

Hi Folks,

I've got a wierd problem. I set thunderbird up for one user. She could send and receive for a while, but, being a kid, didn't do a lot of consistent emailing. Later I tried to set up my own account and I could set it up to send emails, but not receive them. This is for an account that can send and receive emails fine from a windows workstation on the same network. Now the original account can send but not receive. I mentioned that she wasn't emailing a lot, so I don't know whether her problem cropped up when I tried to set up the second account or not. It could have been any time in the last month that TBird stopped working for her.

I have tried:
adding appropriate entries on the firewall for ports 25 and 110
dropping the firewall completely
different thin clients (I don't see why this would make a difference though)
uninstalling and reinstalling TBird

Does TBird rely on some other mail transport or service for sending or something? I try to have the services pretty stripped down to just what I'm using. In case it makes a difference and anyone is familiar the setup is pop/smtp and the mail host is easystreet, I'm not doing my own mailserver although sendmail is on on the server for sending out server notices and stuff.

I'm really flummuxed here.  Can anyone think of what's wrong?



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