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Re: [K12OSN] Pirut and proxy

Mikko Jordman wrote:

Thanks for the tip. Even then it would be handy to have graphical way to see what's installed and what's available.

rpm does the basics, yum handles dependencies on top of that. If you want a GUI you use Pirut or Yumex. Hey, it's all about choice.

Are there any tips for pirut?

I can't help you there, I just use yum.

But now I now how to install XFCE, thansk for that. Last time I did one by one...

You could always just download the packages you want (for instance if you don't want all the XFCE packages that groupinstall gets you) and use "yum localinstall xfce*.rpm" to install all of them at once. Using yum localinstall will automatically get any dependencies needed for the rpms you're installing. If you'd uses "rpm -Uvh xfce*.rpm" chances are you missed a dependency. But yeah, that's why we have yum.

Nils Breunese.

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