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Re: [K12OSN] Flash in ver 5 vs. 4.4.2

What happens if you download firefox and flash 7.0.68 onto the
v.4.4.2 system?

I see the same issue and am suspecting fonts. Firefox and flash

That said, I have font issues with stock Fedora builds of firefox with
MathML pages. MathML needs -xsf compiled in and Fedora doesn't do it.

On Tue, 2006-09-12 at 14:42 -0400, William Fragakis wrote:
> We've had a couple of issues with Flash sites not working in K12LTSP ver
> 5 that previously worked in ver. 4.4.2. Usually, it's text not appearing
> in text boxes, buttons, etc. 
> Has anyone experienced something similar? Any thoughts on likely
> candidates for rollback? Some sites we like to use are affected.
> here's a test site:
> http://www.noella.uoregon.edu/noella/do/freechecklab
> the button displays "run" and the text box the results of the test in
> 4.4.2 (firefox 1.07/flash 7.0.61) displays but it doesn't in ver. 5
> (firefox flash 7.0.68)
> regards,
> William Fragakis
> morrisbrandon.com
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