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RE: [K12OSN] No Sound - HELP!

SERVER: AMD IGHz processor 1.5GHz RAM


Thin clients are garage and dumpster boxes which contain
SIS-530 on Motherboard
ESS-1869 ISA Cards
Sound Blaster Live - Gateway version PCI cards
And a couple of other types.

On thin client start the sound is not being started and there is a
message about identifying the card in the lts.conf.

1. How do I identify the cards for the lts.conf
2. What other things do I need to do to make sound work in my clients?

No one's replied, I don't think, so I'm going to take a crack at this.  I should
preface this with the fact that I'm usually the one asking questions here.  I'm no expert,
but I have gotten sound running on various and sundry thin clients.  Here's what I did:


Here's one of my clients config.
  SMODULE_01      = soundcore
  SMODULE_02      = es1370

and another:

  SMODULE_01      = soundcore
  SMODULE_02      = es1371

Try SMODULE_02 = sb for the soundblaster

You can look through the sound modules directory, something like /opt/lib/i386/lib/modules/2.6.9-ltsp-3/kernel/sound/pci/ (it varies I think) then you can look through see what your choices are. Your "es1370" declaration is just specifying one of those drivers, so you try the different ones you think might work until you get sound. Maybe you need to find/download drivers for the SIS and ESS cards, I'm not seeing any drivers for those in my files.

Someone please correct me if that's insane advice. It's what I did.


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