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Re: [K12OSN] Re: LDAP rebuild question (dahopkins@comcast.net)

> I can try. ;) It's been a while since I looked at it, though...

> As http://www.vcsvikings.org/docuwiki/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/replication
> explains, the script is doing almost exactly what Terpstra describes
> in chapter 6 of Samba 3 By Example. So your BDC is hosting its own
> replicated LDAP database, and the samba instance on your BDC is
> referring to ldap://localhost... for its data.

Hmmm ... same text as I was using.   The issue I had with the script is that there is no way to tell it to use a specific SID on a new install so it generated a unique SID (instead of being able to apply the old DOMAIN SID).  Then, net setlocalsid SID worked in the sense it set the machine SID, but net rpc getsid still gets the wrong SID (which seems to come from the LDAP entry) to place in the secrets.tbd file.  I guess the BDC option works around this.

Just to be clear, I run the ./smbldap -t bdc at the console on which machine?  The current PDC, or the server-to-be-the-BDC?  

> I've never done a promotion myself, but there's no reason I know of
> that it shouldn't work.

> If you do it and it works, please add your experience to the
> documentation wiki so others can benefit as well. :)

Definitely, don't need to go through this again.

>  Good luck!

Words I will keep in mind in the wee hours on Saturday.

Dave ...

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