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Re: [K12OSN] OT: billing software

It works swell..we actually ONLY use it for the attendance portion ;)
Which pisses the teachers off because they have to open one app to to attendance and another to do grading...and they want to only have to know ONE app!(understandably) For us the cost was one and the same...our organization has endorsed the product and we get a package deal. The best part is if your elementary and secondary schools are both using School Minder..you can import the students moving up to secondary from the elementary.

Total install time took me less than 2 days...but getting the Samba rights appropriately assigned took me another day =)


David Whitmer wrote:

How well does GradeQuick work with School Minder?

We're currently evaluating whether to standardize on gradebook software.  (Right now, each teacher uses whatever grade tracking method they prefer.)

Do you believe that any GradeQuick integration/information sharing with SchoolMinder justifies the cost?  If it can handle importing student information from SchoolMinder and exporting back to it grade & attendance information, I think our teachers would be willing to switch to it in a heartbeat.

On a side note... I did recently get Jackson Software's version of GradeQuick running in Linux with WINE.  Though I haven't had much time to really test it, it seems to work okay with WINE.

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Calvary Schools of Holland (Michigan)
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