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Re: [K12OSN] tuxtype superslow on 12 gig ram server -K12LTSP

The same thing happens with several of the arcade style games (tuxtype,
tuxmath,...). The game code has timing loops built in. So each fat
client screen refresh may take 20 loops of "wait". Now time-slice that
up between 20 thin clients and each screen refresh expands to be 20
times too long. The code just makes a loop for each client and has no
means of checking the elapsed time between loops. 

Solution: At the moment, there isn't one for situations where the code
runs from the server. If a process exists to allow only certain
applications to run on the clients directly, that would solve the
problem (assuming the clients have the RAM to do that). The real
solution is some programming work to that adds in a few checks on loop
timing once the game is running.

Barring that, the faster the cpu(s) the better it runs under load.

On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 23:47 -0700, Jim Kathan wrote:
> I have a dual core Pentium 3, 12 gigs of ram, super fast HDD with tons
> of space, and when 20 thin clients with 128 mb of onboard ram are all
> running things like tuxtype, khangman, etc. they run unbearably slow,
> to the point that the screen takes literally 5 to 6 seconds to
> refresh. Its like the game is on pause every other second. Does this
> sound right?
> In my lts.conf, I have “enable_nbd_swap = Y”, xramperc = 90 (I also
> put it to 95, no difference), and tried it with both “Local APPS = Y”
> and “N”.
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