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[K12OSN] Re: multi-server/single source authenticaton



I've been using single source authentication via Active Directory.  There has been developments with Winbind (I think it is included with the most recent versions), that you can enable a module and it will map the AD SIDS to UNIX ids consistently, so you'll have the same UID number across multiple systems.  Now I do it via LDAP and Microsoft Services for Unix.  It is a little more to configure per user, however I can specify different home paths for users.. .ie: I keep students in /home/students and faculty in /home/faculty.  You can't do that with Winbind, but then again, Winbind is a lot less work.  I've just finally got LDAP failover working with my DCs.


Henry Burroughs

Technology Director

Hilton Head Preparatory School




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This has been an interesting thread. It makes me want to raise my own



Is it possible to do multi-server/single source authenticaton using Active

Directory rather than LDAP? Right now, we're not able to drop active

directory for students, but will probably need to add servers as our LTSP

experiment moves forward. The sticking point has been the way winbind/samba

creates and maps unix passwords to windows passwords. Essentially each

installation of Linux that uses Active Directory for authenticaton ends up

with their own local user/pass db that makes centralized NFS homes

semi-impossible. Has anyone figured out how to scale Linux and AD?




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