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[K12OSN] Really a networking issue but...

I know this is really a networking issue but thought that someone may be
able to help. 

I have a couple of portable classrooms that are very far away from the
server room. They are connected by half duplex fiber. They are running
K12LTSP 5 and have worked fine the entire year. I took two days off to
attend a conference and come back to none of the machines out in the
portables work.

Nothing has changed on the network. 

I tried changing out the switch.

I get an ip address from the server when I plug in my laptop and can surf
the web. The ping times to the server, however, are all over the place.
Some are under a ms and some are up towards 1000ms. It really is all over
the place. 

The result is clients that boot very slowly. When they try to connect to
the NFS server it chokes and won't go any further, reporting that it is
waiting for the NFS server. 

Anyone have any ideas? Things to try? 

Thanks to everyone out there.


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