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Re: [K12OSN] wireless and home directories

On Wednesday 31 January 2007 09:04, Randall Swift wrote:
> I am using a ldap/samba server as my authentication server and I would
> like to know how a wireless laptop can connect to their home directory
> after login (they log in with a cached account). Is there a script that
> can run after the wireless connects so they will have their home
> directory?

I assume that the laptops are running Windows, if so then a script that said 
something like:

	net use h: \\smbhost\home\%USER%

Would connect map drive "h:" to their home directory. There may be more 
elegant scripts that could be used, and the above assumes that all users have 
the same loginid and password on the laptop and in Samba. There are other 
options to the "net use" command to tweak your setup. From your question I 
assume the laptops are *not* performing a domain login (which should map the 
home drive already) and that there is no firewall on the wireless net 
blocking the NetBIOS ports used by Windows net traffic. I do hope you aren't 
using an "open" wifi net.

If all that is needed is access to the content of the home directory, you 
could use something like "CoreFTP" which is a GUI FTP client that also uses 
"sftp", which is a subsystem of SSH. This would allow you to keep the NetBIOS 
ports "closed" (only need tcp port 22 open) and provide encryption of the 

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