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[K12OSN] LTSP in use Video?

We are starting to plan for NCLS again this year (www.nclinux.net).  A tool
that I think would be excellent would be a usage video.  I am talking about an
approximately 20 minute video that briefly shows a decent size lab being used
by actual students during an actual class, has a quick interview with a
teacher or two that states what applications they use with their class and
their goals with that program, and a quick interview with someone in
administration commenting on how they feel FOSS has helped to improve
technology/accessibility in their school.

I don't think this should be technical at all.  I think even if done fairly
unprofessional this could be a great tool for us and others to use during
presentations.  The people this would be geared towards won't really care how
things work, just that they do work.  Maybe a quick blurp from a Tech Admin
but making sure it only focused on time saved via central management.  I don't
think low cost should be a driving focus either.

I don't really have the talents personally to put something like this
together, or a real good environment for interviewees.  But if anyone would be
willing to take such a task under their wing, I and I am sure the community at
large, would greatly appreciate it.  I would place the result in an easy to
reach location so that it can be downloaded by anyone who would need such a

And of course if anyone knows of such a video that already exists, please
point me in the right direction.


Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department

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