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Re: [K12OSN] 2-server setup

> > I now have a spare 1.2GHZ AMD computer. Would it be worth putting an
> > SATA2 raid card into that and hosting /home and LDAP there? How good
> > it SATA2 with NCQ? Or is it absolutely essential to go for (way more
> > expensive) SCSI hard drives?

You know, that is one of the coolest things I like about how the linux
filesystem and mounting works.  If you find that the SATA2 is too slow, it is
so simple to upgrade in the future.  If you get to the point that you decide
the slower drives are not working, just buy some SCSI drives and put them in
the machine.  Configure them how you want and format them.  Mount them as
/mnt/newscsi or something and rsync you data over to them.  Change your
/etc/fstab to mount /home to the new scsi drives on boot instead of the old
SATA2 drives and run mount -a or reboot.  Done.

I never did figure out how to quick mount "C:\Documents and Settings" to a new
upgraded hard drive without messing with existing data :-)  I love the
flexibility of Linux.

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