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Re: [K12OSN] Discussion on sound (not meant as a rant)

A little more on the continue saga of getting mplayer with the gui to work.

mplayer runs solidly now, playing all the videos that I have tried from UnitedStreaming provided I start it from a terminal session.  I have not gotten either the gui interface nor the plugin to work properly.

GUI:  For the gui, it launches but the moment you start a clip, it freezes.  Now, the only clue I have is that if you try to then open a terminal session after launching gmplayer, the terminal session also freezes.  Is there a possibility that the gui is trying to write to std out and can't so it freezes?  If I execute a CTRL-C for the terminal window, I then get the prompt back, and can kill gmplayer.

Plugin:  The plugin shows as loaded, and shows that it is downloading/buffering, but then on playback, I do not get anything, no picture, no sound.

Dave Hopkins

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