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[K12OSN] Discussion on sound (not meant as a rant)


  What build of K12LTSP are you are on? Are you using the standard Firefox
1.5.x? If you like I can give you my little ftp site and I'll tar.gz all
the rpm's that will let Mplayer work on all formats of video/audio, out
of the box.you can down them all, install and you should have working
Mplayer and less frustration.
Why dont you post your - about:plugins - typed into the address bar of
Firefox here? We maybe be able to see what you are missing. Try going to
cartalk DOT com and try and play some of the real audio media there and
see if your audio at least works correctly. Can you play any videos,at say
msn DOT com video selections? This will get you some various possibilities
of formats that *should* work with mplayer. Have you installed the Mplayer
plugin? If so you should have the "controls" built into the we browser
itself. You shouldn't have to do the terminal stuff to make Mplayer
work.If it works correctly this way your gui interface will work as well
as standalone providing you have given Mplayer the correct audio/video
plugin, in the Mplayer.conf file.

Hope this helps a little.
Take Care,

Barry Cisna

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