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Re: [K12OSN] Network monitoring

NTOP comes to mind and Cacti...
for bandwidth and server loads...maybe services as well...
but not sure how to co-relate WHO is going WHERE without utilitizing something like squid's access logs with requiring them to authenticate to the proxy to access the outside world..you can tell IP address going to site http://www.xyz.com/ and what time it occurs and backtrack if need be..


Calvin Dodge wrote:
On 2/5/07, Daniel Kuecker <kueckerd shenandoah k12 ia us> wrote:
Does anyone have a suggestion on an open source setup to monitor network
traffic? I want to setup a server to monitor the traffic so I can see
who is going where, what bandwidth is being used, and what services are
being used. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

You can run iptraf in daemon mode, with logging to a file, then
analyze the log results.


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