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Re: [K12OSN] Strategies for Dual-booting thin clients

I run MythTV at home on the same machine that is my
terminal server.  I've had trouble getting it to play
properly on 
my thin clients.  I think it might come down to the
specs on my video card, because different cards seem
to perform 
differently for me.  Ironically, my newest video card
(a Radeon 9200SE) only gives me a black screen when I
try to 
watch a recording using mythfrontend.  That same video
card is capable of watching mpeg videos through

My terminal server is relatively underpowered--2.0
Celeron w/ 512MB RAM.  That could be my trouble, but I
don't think 
it is.  I think it's either network bandwidth or a
video card issue.

If you want to boot from something silent, how about a
usb thumbdrive?  (Assuming your bios is capable of


On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 09:08:02PM -0800, Carl Keil
> Hi Folks,
> I'd love to be able to run MythFrontEnd on my thin
clients.  I set up 
> MythTV a week or so ago and I'm loving it, but I'd
love to leverege it 
> to the point where I could watch it from any
terminal.  I've tried just 
> installing MythTV on my K12LTSP server, but it
doesn't seem to work.  
> Googling shows that people have a hard time setting
this up and suffer 
> poor performance if they succeed. 
> So, I stumbled on this distro "MiniMyth" ( 
> http://linpvr.org/minimyth/document-boot.shtml ). 
It has an option for 
> network booting or local booting.  I'm wondering how
I'd set that up 
> alongside K12LTSP.  I'm imagining some sort of boot
menu at startup, or 
> after the DHCP handshake with the K12LTSP server
where I get to pick 
> which OS gets handed to the thin client.  Is this
possible?  Can someone 
> point me to a tutorial/howto/clue as to how to set
this up?  I've set up 
> several K12LTSP servers, LAMP servers, MythTV, but
I'm still kindof just 
> a user of Linux.  I don't always "get" what's going
on, so some step by 
> step instructions would be great.
> The other thing I was wondering is if the above
isn't possible, can I 
> get some sort of small, silent solid state "hard
drive" that I'd put in 
> my thin clients.  Then I could boot some sort of
boot loader on that 
> that would let me boot local (minimyth) or network
K12LTSP.  If this 
> strikes people as the best option where could I get
those "hard drives" 
> and how do I figure out how to create that boot
> Obviously, I'm open to any options. 
> Thank you for your time.
> ck
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