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Re: [K12OSN] slow SSH login problem

On Wednesday 07 February 2007 23:50, David Whitmer wrote:
> Thanks everyone for your advice.
> When I checked the server, SSH logins is working fine now.  I had done
> a yum update last weekend... perhaps that corrected something.
> I did check sshd_config.  The "UseDNS" line was already commented out.
>  Would it default to "no" in that case, or "yes".  SSH login is
> working now, so many it doesn't matter too much right now.

The default values are commented out for documentation. The default value is 
"UseDNS yes". It *is* turned on.

> To answer another response, this particular server only uses local
> authentication... no LDAP or NIS.  Ping responses were okay, too.

Yes, and you currently are not experiencing the problem either. Take some 
baseline ping mesurements now while it is working correctly; if the problem 
crops up again, you will have something to compare to. If the problem 
returns, test DNS directly by using "dig" with each of your nameservers too. 
I don't think your updates had anything to do with creating or fixing the 
problem; it may have been a transient problem on your ISP's network and may 
never show up again or something no one has mentioned yet, but it is a good 
idea to develop some systematic diagnostics and taking baseline data is a 
good place to start. If you can use "traceroute" (many firewalls prevent it's 
use) it would be a good idea to record the route to several well known 
locations (like www.google.com for instance); then if a problem crops up you 
can see if your routing has changed or where it stops.

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