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Re: [K12OSN] Pam_mount

I did get this to work. I originally had weird problems with permissions
and through my trouble-shooting it stopped mounting. i rechecked all the
config files and noticed in pam_mount.conf i Had inverted the server and
share names on the mount line. 
As far as the weird permissions, if anyone else has the problem, i had
to change the line to the following:

volume * cifs SERVER SHARE /home/DOMAIN/&/mount uid=&,gid=& - -


volume * cifs SERVER SHARE /home/DOMAIN/&/mount - - -

and it works great now. 

>>> "john " <lists john gmail com> 02/08/07 3:03 PM >>> 
Hi Daniel,

Can you mount windows shares manually using your AD credentials? Does
SMBClient act as expected?


On 2/5/07, Daniel Kuecker <kueckerd shenandoah k12 ia us> wrote:
> Hello everyone!
> I have been tryinh to figure out a problem I am having with
> I have k12LTSP 6 installed and authenticating with windows AD. I
> setup home directory mounting via pam_mount, however, it does not
> to be mounting anything. It did work before. The log files show it
> trying to mount, but there are no error messeges other than it trying
> unmount and saying it is not mounted. Does anyone have any
> on how to trouble- shoot this?
> Thanks
> Daniel
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