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Re: [K12OSN] Crazy Spam in my yum update

Carl Keil wrote:


Carl Keil wrote:

    Does anyone have any idea why I'm getting this when I run 'yum
    update'? Both my k12ltsp boxes are doing it. And what can/should I
    do about it? Yum is wonderful, mysterious and terrifying to me.
    What follows is approximately one quarter (hopefully
    representative) of the output I get when I run 'yum update' from
    the command line.

Looks like /var/cache/yum/macromedia/repomd.xml got corrupted somehow. Have you tried running 'yum clean all' and trying again?

Nils Breunese.

Yes, I should have mentioned that I did a 'yum clean all' before the 'yum update'. I still got the same thing afterwards. The file /var/cache/yum/macromedia/repomd.xml is full of weird spammy nonsense. Is it safe to just delete that file?


Yes, you can remove everything under /var/cache/yum/macromedia (that is what "yum clean all" should have done)

If you are running through a proxy, perhaps your proxy has a corrupted copy. You can tell up-stream proxies not to cache the meta-data by adding this line to the [main] section of /etc/yum.conf

	http_caching packages


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