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Re: [K12OSN] RAID let me down...

Shawn Powers wrote:
I had one of my hard drives fail in a hardware RAID5 array this morning. Along with the drive failure, I have thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of file corruptions, missing inodes, etc, etc. I've been fscking all morning. So much for fault tolerance.

My question to the list, is should I switch to a software based array? I use software RAID5 at home, and apart from figuring out *which* drive is "drive 4", I've been able to replace a bad drive without any real headaches.

Any suggestions on what I should do next? Apart from quitting my job and applying at McDonalds...


Yesterday I worked on a software RAID5 that blew chunks. No permanent damage, but it did not fail gracefully - the bad drive hung the SCSI bus. I had to do a manual fsck after power-cycling. It *could* have been bad.

Backups, backups are good ;-)


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