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Re: [K12OSN] RAID let me down...

Jim McQuillan wrote:

Which hardware raid were you using?

I've been using 3Ware SATA raid, and it's been working great. I managed to pick a lousy batch of harddrives, and I've lost a few of them, and each time, I just pop out the old drive, plug in the new one, and it never misses a beat.

Software raid will never give you that nice hot-swap capability.

Sure it does if the hardware supports it. I've swapped out several broken SCA (SCSI with the hot-swap connector) drives that were in RAID1 software mirrors without shutting down, and I have a couple of partitions built as RAID1 with a member 'missing' that I periodically mirror to an external firewire drive that is then rotated offsite. I don't think I'd do RAID5 in software these days though. For smaller storage you don't save enough over RAID1 to be worth the extra CPU use and losing the ability to recover data from any single remaining drive and for larger storage you'd want to do it in hardware.

  Les Mikesell
   les futuresource com

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