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Re: [K12OSN] etherboot "slow dots"

in our experience, it has to do with either a failure in the Ethernet network card or the cable is ending his life and needs to be replaced.

(this is how we solved a few incidents like your, in which the workstations used to work for a year or two without and problem)

On 2/14/07, Shawn Powers <spowers inlandlakes org> wrote:
I have some older IBM computers that use etherboot because they don't
support PXE.  For some reason, several of them started showing a
problem where the "dots" that fill up the screen during the boot
process are glacially slow, and the computers often will fail to boot
all the way.  A different computer, sitting right next to it, booting
PXE, boots up lightning quick.

These computers have been thin clients for years, and are connecting
to the same server all year.  Any ideas where I can troubleshoot the
booting problem?  It's very odd...


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