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Re: [K12OSN] linux/windows terminal server client error: can't upgrade license

Hmm. This probably won't help you much, but this problem rings a bell. I *think* I remember others running into this problem previously. Search the list archives, perhaps check the LTSP mailing list archives, too.


Barry Cisna wrote:
Hello All,

After updating all our windows 2003 server's from Sp1 to SP2, now, when
trying to connect to one of them with the linux Windows terminal server
client, I am getting the following error message:" Can't upgrade license".
I can connect fine with a regular Winders RDP. Has anyone ever got this
error message with Linux RDP?..it has worked flawlessly..
It acts like RDP is going to connect but then the message appears. I can
telnet and connect to this server on port 3389.
it is only one server of the 5 that does this. Don't have a clue how I
could troubleshoot this.

K12LTSP 5.0


Barry Cisna

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