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RE: [K12OSN] Booting older thin clients

In one of our labs that had older machines, I created a Bootable CD and
use that in the machines to boot off of the K12LTSP server.


Ronald R. McDaniel
Conecuh County Schools
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> Subject: [K12OSN] Booting older thin clients
> From: Michael Blinn <mblinn peopleplaces org>
> Date: Tue, February 20, 2007 11:04 am
> To: "Support list for open source software in schools."
> <k12osn redhat com>
> Hi - I would like to use a boatload of older pentium machines as k12ltsp 
> thin clients. Most are Pentium-MMX computers, though a few might be 
> PIIs. I don't think their BIOSs have a 'Boot from network' setting; nor, 
> at this point, do they have netboot-capable NICs in them. What steps 
> should I follow to set these up as clients? I'd like to batch-order NICs 
> and BIOSs (if necessary) so I'm dealing with all similar hardware. Any 
> suggestions? I'd love to not use floppies and just have them turn on and 
> go. I'm fairly new to this so please bear with me.. so far with this new 
> server I've only booted an AMD K2 w/ a 3c905tx using a floppy created 
> from rom-o-matic.
> Thanks,
>   Michael Blinn
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