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Re: [K12OSN] Thin client suggestions

On 21/02/07, Derek Jaques <djaques corbett k12 or us> wrote:
I posted about this in the fall and got some great responses.  I ended
up buying 30 fan less terminals from devonit.com   Their customer
service has been great, and the price was very reasonable, but there
have been my quirks out of the box.  (USB drives not working, TFTP
error, Sound problems)

I am experimenting with ebox2300 from taiwan and MicroJr from
www.norhtec.com (essentially both are same) and am happy so far in
last two months. Two caveats:
1. With multiple browser windows open the UI is slightly slow
2. You will have to configure couple of files in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc
tree to force loading of usbhid devices before usbmouse in case you
are using single dongle keyboard/mice devices.

The PTA at our school is so impressed with our new K12LTSP lab that they
want to set up another one in our grade school.  Anyway...  I was hoping

Three cheers for your PTA!!!

Sudev Barar

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