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Re: [K12OSN] LTSP Netware Authentication

Hi Ben,

I had the same problem with edubuntu, and couldn't resolve the issue. I can authenticate fine using Fedora. Edubuntu uses LDM to authenticate, as opposed to GDM or others. If I understand LDM correctly, it is wrapped in ssh, but I'm unsure why authentication won't work.

Willis, Ben wrote:
I'm attempting to get Edubuntu to authenticate my thin clients against my Netware NDS servers using pam_ncp_auth.so

I have my server authenticating logins and even creating users on the fly but the thin clients refuse to work. I assume that this is because the ssh session is not authenticating via NCP as well. It will log into an account that already exists on the server though.

While testing Ive used a simple ssh session into the server with an account that does not yet exist on the server. I can see in the /var/log/auth.log file that the authentication attempt is made but I get an error that the password is incorrect (of course it is correct).

Am I missing something? Surely there are school districts out these still using Netware and wanting to authenticate their students against NDS.


Ben Willis
Anderson School District Five
Anderson SC

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