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Re: [K12OSN] Non - English language support?

Joseph Bishay wrote:


How are you doing? I hope all is well.

I've been asked to configure a machine (standalone installation of
k12ltsp) to be able to read and write in arabic.  Now, when I google
information on this, the pages that explain it are in arabic, which I
cannot read!
I don't know about Arabic specifically, but on our server I've installed hebrew support, and student's UI's are in hebrew. Many of the KDE apps are translated, there's a pretty good set of hebrew fonts, and the bidi (right to left) implementations, which used to drive us crazy, are now pretty mature. The only non standard addition I did was to replace Fedora's OpenOffice with the hebrew version built in Israel. The original Fedora build *does have* a good hebrew interface, but a few bugs were fixed by the Israeli team recently. As to your question, to the best of my knowledge Arabic support in Linux is at least as good as Hebrew, so a FC6 machine (or k12ltsp 6) should be a very workable desktop replacement. Foreign language support need not be a cause for hesitation in adopting OSS, not even our RTL languages. It would help, of course if you had an Arabic speaker "on hand", so that when you switch the interface language, you can see if it's working right!


While this isn't exactly ltsp related, it is important in the sense it
is for one of the board members of the school where ltsp is
implemented, and the reason it was installed for him was to show that
it is a viable desktop replacement as well as good for the kids.  As
the school plans on expanding in the future, being able to do things
like support this language is crucial.

All help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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