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[K12OSN] OT: A good network inventory program here

Hello All,

  Just thought this may be of use to someone out there that operates in
a mixed OS network. We have been using OCS Inventory NG for a couple
months now. It has worked out very well for inventory data for fat
clients on the network. The program runs on mysql, with a web
interface,and gives out very human  readable info such as software
installed,who was logged into the box at last inventory,all hardware
specs,bios version,etc, very detailed & very accurate to boot from what
I've seen. Its very easy to install on the server as well as to push out
to fat clients. It now has capability of pushing out silent install apps
to fat clients & doing rpm installs on linux boxes as well.
I know,,if everyone was willing to do ALL K12LTSP thin clients something
like this would not even be needed :) Think of fat clients as job
This is available for winders,and Linux OS's. I dont believe there is a
MAC client for this?
Hope this helps.

Barry Cisna

westcentral school 

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