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Re: [K12OSN] Converting to Linux

Sure is.  KNOPPIX is a CD-ROM bootable, fully operational workstation linux that boots and runs from the CD-ROM.  Kinda slow on older or low mem computers but there is a LOT of stuff in there for you to experiment with without having to invest in installation until you are sure you want to.

Generally, the older the computer, the older version of KNOPPIX you need.  3.2 works great on PII's with 64MB RAM. 3.9 requires 128MB RAM and fast processors.  They include OpenOffice, (word, excel, powerpoint-like programs) and a good collection of things to use and experiment with without formatting your hard drives.  There is even ways to boot and kee data on the hard drive that don't go away when you turn off (everything, by default, goes away when you reboot.)

This will let you run it with no server or anything and you can learn a lot from it.

It can also be installed into a directory on the *existing* windows filesystem, meaning you can boot either if you want to. (not on NTFS partitions, though. . . well, maybe by now they have NTFS writeable).

Have fun!


Kemp, Levi wrote:

I’d like to ask for suggestions on this undertaking; we are going to attempt to use Linux at our school as opposed to Windows. My first question is this, without setting up a Linux server is it possible to create a lab of Linux clients and run them on our current network, or does this have to be all or none? I’m unsure if we want to go with thin clients, some of the programs may be too much to run over the network. Second question, what version of Linux would you suggest? None of us have a great deal of experience with Linux, we are just unable to keep are hardware up with the requirements for windows and do not want to have to move into Vista. Thanks for the assistance.


Levi Kemp

Technology Specialist

Bolivar R-I School District


lnkemp bolivar k12 mo us


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