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Re: [K12OSN] Which client should we buy?

On Saturday 24 February 2007 13:50, Jim Christiansen wrote:
> I've just found: 
> http://devonit.com/terminals/terminals_models_features.php
> And have a quote for 12  DIT6040 clients- mouse and keyboard included for
> $139.00  Pretty good price- PXE boot and fanless.
> Anybody using these?

No, but the data sheet on this model makes no mention of PXE boot capability 
and in fact has software in a "disk on module" and has only 64MB RAM. If it 
in fact *does* support PXE boot, I do wish Devon IT would include that 
information in it's online documentation. The RAM limitation could be 
overcome by using NBD swap. Do you have any assurance that the audio hardware 
and USB HW work under LTSP? It is likely, but I would want proof before 
comitting to a large purchase; they may allow you to try one out before 

I have a Devon IT 6020P (PXE boot only 128MB RAM with audio and USB v1.1 
working with LTSP v4.2), but it does have a small fan. On the other hand it 
does have twice the RAM and a CPU running at twice the clock rate (800Mhz vs. 
400Mhz in DIT6040). I *did* have to tweak the LTSP USB initialization scripts 
(eliminated USB v2.0 driver, which was conflicting) in order to get USB 
flashram to work, but it does work. List price quantity 1 is $149 but they 
frequently have discounts (recently a buy 3 get 4 deal). If they made this 
terminal (at this price) without a fan and with USB v2.0 support, it would be 

I like the specs on the DisklessWorkstations "LTSP 1220 PXE" terminal (fanless 
with USB v2.0, 800Mhz CPU 128MB RAM, guaranteed to work with LTSP v4.2 and 
later), but the price is $285 (quantity one), which means nearly a 2:1 price 
differential with the 6020P.

I have some time before I order any new terminals, and I hope that the optimal 
terminal (one at the right price) makes it's appearance before I have to 
decide on the compromises.

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                        - Mark Twain

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