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Re: [K12OSN] USB and Floppy support not working

I had a similar experience recently: Months ago, Local Device Access (LDA) was working fine for me. A few months elapsed in which LDA was not used by anyone. Then I went to use it to access some CDROMs and got the same behavior you describe: the icons appear, but when clicked on, they're empty. I 'fixed' the problem by putting all the user IDs into the fuse group. This is a small installation, so it's not a problem. Eric made some changes to the LDA code such that putting users into the fuse group isn't necessary (at the expense of a slightly lower security threshold). I keep this box updated, so my guess is that something along the way broke that modification. I didn't have time to delve into what actually broke. Try putting a user into the fuse group and see if it makes a difference.


Calvin Park wrote:
Sorry, this is actually the second time I sent this. I realized before that I sent it from an address that wasn't a member of the list, so it's probably waiting for moderation. So I thought I'd go ahead and send this on through.
Hi all,
We’ve been having a bit of a problem with out K12LTSP setup here. Back in late January local device support just…stopped working. I vaguely remember that this was after a bunch of updates, but I’m not 100% sure. I know, that’s not really helpful. Anyway, when you insert a USB stick the folder icon appears on the user’s desktop but no files are listed when the user double clicks the folder. In going through some of the archives I was thinking this had to do with ltspfs-insecure. I’ve started/restarted it multiple times with no luck. I also read a bit about the fuse group. I was prepared to add all users to that group, but we authenticate against an ADS and I’m not really clear on how to map windows groups to unix groups. I thought I had figured it out after diving into the samba documentation but to no avail. So, my question… Should I try to reinstall the ltspfs package, could it be possible that ltspfs-insecure is broken on our system?
Should I just bit the bullet and try to figure out how to map a windows group to the unix group fuse in order to get things working again (and if so, could someone point me in the right direction)?
Am I headed in the opposite direction of what I should be looking into, in other words – does it have nothing to do with permissions and whatnot and some small setting in a conf file somewhere just needs changed? Thanks in advance!


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