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Re: [K12OSN] Building a new school- need input

Missouri has the eMints program.  It's similar to what you are doing, but
I think it's 2:3, not sure.  In any case, only very recently has K12LTSP
been approved for that program and even still, has some benign issues.  In
any case, there are districts around that are similar to your situation,
but usually only a grade or two or three in a building, not necessarily a
whole district.  I think the whole building should be that way, but
Governor Blount didn't ask me, now did he!



Brandon Kovach
Logan-Rogersville R-8 Schools
Technology Director

> Hello all,
>     My district is in the process of planning a new high school, and I'm
> pitching the idea of putting 25 computers (thin clients) in each
> classroom.  We're looking at using a desk in which the monitor and
> keyboard hide away when not in use so that the student has the full
> workspace when not using the computer, but has nearly instant access to
> a terminal when necessary.  Naturally the question that I'm being asked
> repeatedly is, "Who else is doing this?"  So, I put that question to the
> group.  Do any of you have such a room, or do any of your schools have a
> 1:1 desktop initiative like I'm proposing?  If so, what are the good and
> bad points?  I welcome any feedback.  Thanks in advance.
> Mark Cockrell
> Technology Coordinator
> Honey Grove I.S.D.
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