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Re: [K12OSN] How do you setup clients so they print to different default printers?

You'll have to assign specific addresses to the clients in /etc/dhcpd-k12ltsp.conf. Then you can control the default printer based on the workstation name or address. For example, you could create the following script, call it set_printer.sh, and put it in /etc/profile.d.

# Set default printer based on which workstation is being used
ws=$(echo $LTSP_CLIENT|cut -d. -f1)
case $ws in
  ws001 ) lpoptions -d library_printer ;;
  ws002 ) lpoptions -d library_printer ;;
  # and so on for the library workstations
  # now assign printers for the lab workstations
  ws013 ) lpoptions -d lab_printer ;;
  ws014 ) lpoptions -d lab_printer ;;
  # and so on

### End of script


wilson wilsonch gotdns com wrote:
Our school currently has one beefy LTSP server that we use for the
computer lab (15 Clients) and library (12 Clients). We have setup (2) Dell
1710N network printers in the Lab & Library but how do you set the user
profiles so each location prints to the correct printer by default?

Thin Client network range ( /24)
Lab Printer /24
Library Printer /24

Generic User accounts are created for each lab.
Station 1 - 15

Library 1 - 12

Wilson Chan

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