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[K12OSN] K12LTSP 'Greatest Hits' Live CD

I've built a live CD intended to be a 'demonstration disk' of the apps contained in K12LTSP6. You boot it up, and it looks like what users see on the client machines. You can download it here:


This is my home web server, and I don't have a big pipe, so it may take a bit (anyone want to host it?) Astute observers will notice that it's really just an Edubuntu live CD doctored up to look like K12LTSP6. The purpose of the CD is to allow me (and you!) to give the CD to people so they can explore the apps that come with K12LTSP without needing to be at an actual terminal. The disk does not contain any of the thin client pieces--no dhcpd, no /opt/ltsp, etc.--because it's for showing off the apps.

I've been wanting such a live CD for a while. At a school where I got my company to donate some laptops-with-the-hard-drive-removed for clients, the school asked if we had any hard drives for the clients because they wanted to put K12LTSP onto a few laptops and let the teachers take them home to explore the software on their own time. We did have some drives, but I realized we were just lucky, that a more reproducable solution was necessary. I also realized that most people don't understand how LTSP works, and don't want to know, but they'd like to see what it looks like. Since Edubuntu already had all the KDE Edu stuff integrated into their live CD, I started with that, removed a bunch of stuff:
-language files for Russion, Italian, etc.;
-Evolution; most schools don't allow kids to access email, and if they do, they use a web browser -the Ubuntu installer; this is a demo disk, not intended for installation (and I needed the space) -anything else I could remove from the menus because if they weren't on the K12LTSP menus or at least available via yum, e.g,. Xaos

And then I added the Edutainment & Games apps that were missing, e.g., kgeography, KLatin, Chess, etc.

So, it's something you can hand out to people to show them what's available for free.
Let me know what you think of it.


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