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[K12OSN] What apps work with sound? Crossover linux? Openoffice.org?

I am doing a fresh install for the new year. This time as well as setting up our children on K12ltsp I am trying to migrate our secretary. After the hard drive failed on her windows computer I thought it would be a good time to do it.
The secretary needs MS Office, MS Publisher, MYOB (accounting package), ASB Fastnet Office. She also likes to listen to Realmedia lectures. She has been using realplayer to do this

So we are trying Crossover Linux for the office apps.
If I can't get the tricky apps (MYOB, Publisher) to install with Crossover Linux I will use Windows XP in VMware server.
I am thinking of using mplayer and mplayer plugin for media. Realplayer would also be nice  as that is what she is used to and I heard it is better than Mplayer at playing realmedia files.
Also Flash 9 with sound.

Flash sound:
I have already installed Flash 9 beta 2 using esd modification from Jean-Michel Dault at Revolution Linux inc. It's working great so far.

MS Office under Crossover Linux:
So far MS Office is OK (including MS Access) but I haven't figured our how to get the Crossover linux sound to the clients.
When I add a sound to Powerpoint the sound works fine on the server when I use alsa driver. The esd driver makes sounds on the server but then freezes powerpoint. No sound at all on the clients.

I also tried OpenOffice.impress  to compare the sound. No luck there. It seems you have to install a java applet to make it work. Don't know if if works with remote sound. I've heard that in Ubuntu there is a gstreamer version. That sounds more promising.

Tuxmath, Tuxpaint, Gcompris have sound fine. So does Tuxtype2, and Childsplay although they are not listed in the gnome menu and when started they lead to "out of range" message on the monitor.
xmms works when esound is set for remote host: host name.

All the K... educational games etc. have no sound. blinKen complained that it couldn't open arts.

I haven't installed Mplayer yet, but I know that it has native esd capability so there shouldn't be any problem.
Also haven't tried VLC or totem with xine.

Flash in Firefox, Tuxtype2, Tuxpaint, Tuxmath, Gcompris, Childsplay, xmms, mplayer
Doesn't work yet. K... programs, MS Powerpoint under Crossover Linux, Openoffice.org Impress
Untested: Realplayer (v. 8 with esd) or (v. 10),  VLC, Totem, Xine

Hope this is useful for someone. Hopefully we can get more of the programs to run with sound too.

Krsnendu dasa

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