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[K12OSN] use-host-decl-names vs get-lease-hostnames

I'm transitioning from an LTSP-on-Ubuntu system to K12LTSP 5.0.0EL, and
there are some differences in the sample dhcpd.conf files that I don't
understand.  Mainly it's the use of use-host-decl-names vs
get-lease-hostnames.  I've read the man pages, but I still don't fully
understand under what circumstances I should use either setting.

What I would like to have is all name resolution taking place on my
Windows DNS server, and keep my /etc/hosts file free of any names except
for the localhost line.  I think I'll have to manually update my DNS
records, because Linux DHCP can't automatically update Windows DNS, and
that's ok with me.

For DHCP, I've got a dynamic range and a static range.  The static range
is primarily for LTSP terminals that have printers attached.  

This is a single-nic setup.

Any advice would be appreciated.

The other difference is in the 2 sample dhcpd.conf files is the use of
bootp options in the K12LTSP file, where the LTSP sample file doesn't
mention bootp at all.  Do I need it?  What's it used for?



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