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[K12OSN] loadbalancing failover dhcp issue

I have 2 K12LTSP servers using dhcpd loadbalancing.
If one of them has dhcpd stopped, then dynamic clients don't get an IP
address. I think the static addresses still work.
In /var/log/messages it says peer holds all available leases.

I was wondering why most of the computers in one classroom (the only
classroom I hadn't setup static ip addresses for all clients) suddenly
stopped getting ip addresses. I restarted dhcpd on the other server
and it started working again.

This doesn't seem good from the failover perspective. It means that if
one server goes down so does dhcp.

Has anyone else observed this?

As a side note. I had another problem in that class, because I
accidentally gave 2 computers the same ip address. If anyone
experiences inconsistent behaviour between client this is a good thing
to check for.

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