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[K12OSN] re: smbldap CreatingLDAPClients & smbldap slow login

Do you have users logging into two different versions of Gnome? That's
not the desired situation, and (without doing any precise
verification) I believe having different gconf versions can lead to
exactly the sort of situation you're describing, where logging into
one version leaves you with no panels, while the other one works fine.

In order to get around this problem in one of our schools, we just
upgraded all the fat clients and the terminal servers to the same
release of Ubuntu, and then left them alone. That took care of the
issues we had been having with broken desktop configurations.

What happens if you log in for the first time, as a brand new user, on
a thin client? Then go log into a fat client -- how does that work?


Open Source Software Engineering Consultant

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