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[K12OSN] HP 1012 host based printer

Just sharing a success story....

One of my P3 desktop-turned-thin-client machines had an HP 1012 printer
attached to it when it was running a local Windows OS.  When I turned it
into a thin client, I had trouble because this printer is "host based",
which means it needs to be connected directly to a Windows machine and
cannot be attached to a print server.  It's like the printer equivalent
of a winmodem.  No windows machines could access it as a Jet Direct

Anyway, there is a Linux driver for this printer, and Linux was able to
print to this printer when it was attached to a thin client.  Installing
windows driver on the windows machines, however, failed when it realized that the printer was on
a "print server" (the thin client) and not attached to a windows box.

So I shared the printer from the K12LTSP server, then I set up an
"internet printer" in windows with this URL:

It works!  Imagine, a Linux printer driver that's *better* than the
Windows driver....


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