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Re: [K12OSN] EL6 32bit kernel-thinclient config

On 8/10/2011 6:00 AM, Gideon Romm wrote:
The PXE code in the BIOS is only IPv4 aware. An IPv6 LTSP solution
will necessarily rely on something other than PXE for booting.

I am sure gPXE is most likely working on IPv6 support (if they don't
have it already), but if you are to rely on the PXE code that ships
with most machines by default, you will be limited to IPv4.

That said, having the possibility in the OS might still be welcome,
both for alternative boot methods and in case you want to boot from an
IPv4 segment but have the OS use IPv6 once booted.


Indeed you have it right. In any case, I figured out that I cannot easily disable IPv6 because it causes the heavily hacked-up EL6 kernel to fail to build.

kernel-thinclient.i686 is now in the Private Beta repo. It enables NBD, disables PAE, and shrinks the initramfs size from 16.7MB to 13.8MB. I think I can shrink the initramfs size more not by excluding more modules from the kernel build, but rather tweaking dracut's configuration that is including so many rarely needed kernel modules just-in-case they might be needed to boot something.


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