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Re: [K12OSN] OT: LinuxCon 2011

Sounds like fun, and Vancouver, BC is a lovely city.  Glad you enjoyed it!


Robert Arkiletian wrote:
I have many friends on this list so please excuse this email for being
off topic.

LinuxCon was just held in Vancouver Canada, my hometown. I really
enjoyed it, especially the people. As Eben put it
"There IS real strength in community".
The food was great, the gala party was awesome too. What a band!

Technically, I did learn a lot about filesystem best practices for
various workloads. That was interesting. Also learned about some new
and cool monitoring/benchmarking tools and some Python resources.

Discovered OSUOSL http://osuosl.org/
and the people behind it http://osuosl.org/about/people
and their story

I forgot to get a photo with Greg Kroah-Hartman (stable Kernel tree
maintainer). Oh well maybe next time. But we did chat for a bit.
Here are my photos

Yes I finally met Linus. I had a permanent smile for 2 hours after
that. Also having lunch with Jon "Maddog" Hall was fun too.


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