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Re: [K12OSN] Sound problems

Jomegat wrote:
On 08/24/2011 03:30 PM, Warren Togami Jr. wrote:
On 8/24/2011 5:16 AM, Jomegat wrote:

Thanks to everyone who helped on this. I installed Centos 6 and followed
the instructions at https://fedorahosted.org/k12linux/wiki/InstallGuide
- and everything is working swimmingly!

Yay! I have so far tested USB flash drives, audio (in and out), flash
(no nspluginwrapper). I've tried it with the one of the TC's we are
using as well as with three other PC's in my office. It's a nice face
lift too BTW.

This evening I will deploy.

I'd like to especially thank Warran for his work on making that happen.

Donations are still being accepted. =)

It's on my list of things to donate to. I just haven't yet figured out how to make the case to SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed). Maybe I'll just donate and then take the heat.

I am now in a MBA program, and as a class project I plan on
incorporating K12Linux as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Future donations after
that point will go 100% to school/library/community center deployments
or to pay contractors (developers) who implement fixes to LTSP bugs.

For example, I don't have the hardware here to be able to test LTSP
cluster capability, so I may pay LTSP upstream to implement, test and
document LTSP cluster for K12Linux.

What do you mean by "LTSP cluster capability?" Multiple terminal servers? What would you need to gain that capability?

Yes, that's what clustering means in the LTSP context. The folks at RevolutionLinux do this, with Ubuntu. (They are also some of the primary developers for LTSP and Ubuntu.) I believe at least some of that code has been pushed into upstream, but Warren knows more about that I do, I'm sure. See https://www.ltsp-cluster.org/ for some background.


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