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[K12OSN] SL 6.1 NFS client for FC 14, performance issues?

Up until recently, my network was all Fedora 14. However, I turned on machine into SL 6.1 to act as an LTSP server. After doing so, I've run into some odd NFS performance issues. They show up as simply slow performance when doing builds, and I can't track down why. This is not really an LTSP issue, but I thought I'd check here since I thought people here might be more likely to have a larger heterogeneous network than the Fedora groups. I'll probably post there as well to see if anyone can give me some clues.

For example, I when I did an RPM build of the 64-bit Sun Java package, it consistently takes 16-18 minutes when running on my LTSP server from my home directory with my NFS mounted home directory. The NFS server shows no significant load, the client (which is the LTSP server) also shows little load but top report about 50% wait times.

If I run the build using a directory local to the LTSP server, the time drops to 2-3 minutes.

The LTSP server is a Core2 Quad 3.0 GHz host running SL 6.1. The NFS server is a Core2 Quad 2.4 GHz running Fedora 14

I have a second Core2 Quad 3.0 GHz host running SL 6.1. If I do the same set of tests there, the local file system build drops to under a minute, and the NFS build to 2-3 minutes. Clearly I get a performance hit going over the network, but the hit on the SL 6.1 LTSP server is rough to take.

Does anyone here use NFS extensively for the LTSP and have encountered any performance problems?


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