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Re: [K12OSN] New EL6 install

Roland Roberts wrote:
On 08/26/2011 02:46 PM, Jomegat wrote:
Just thought I'd report some status. I have switched my school over to a new server running K12Linux EL6-64. Before, we were running on another server with K12LTSP EL5-64. So far so good, but I have a little more work to do.

As has been widely reported, Adobe Flash is terrible on TC's, and my case is no exception. If Hurricane Irene allows, I will spend some time this weekend enabling local applications. I will probably also run ooimpress (if not the entire oo suite) locally, as running several slide shows at once brought my old system to its knees. During an open house. It was not pretty!

I installed the 64-bit Adobe plugin in my own firefox plugins directory and it *seems* to be working fine for me. At least I can do youtube without any problems.


Have either of you guys tried Chrome on the thin clients yet? This is the main reason I want to update to SL6 or Centos6.

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