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Re: [katello-devel] puppet installer

Hi All,

I've updated the puppet modules under puppet/modules, they now include automation of:

candlepin, pulp, qpid, mongodb, postgress and katello.

Katello also uses postgres and thin by default, the amount of thin works are dynamic based on your cpu counter +1.

I've tested it on Fedora 15 and RHEL 6.1 and it seems to be working correctly for me*

If you have time, please give it ago, it requires puppet pre-installed.

to use:

echo include katello | puppet --modulepath katello/puppet/modules 

Changing configurations:

A lot of attributes have been extracted (for future installer etc), please check puppet/modules/*/manifests/params.pp for more details.

feedback appreciated.


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One minor thing to note, it seems that at the moment katello and candlepin rpms are not in sync, if you get the following error:
Error verifying candlepin: Incorrect version , Expected 0.4.10-1, got 0.4.14-1

simply update your ~katello/config/subsystems.yml


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