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Re: [katello-devel] Important: Katello: propose pushing 'engine' branch to 'master'


I did a test to see if we could merge clean to master and we can.

So, I've created the following PR for the team to review and ack/nack:


On 12/03/2013 10:24 AM, Walden Raines wrote:
Wouldn't merging engine back into master be easier as far as conflict resolution goes?  Merging would also allow you to open a PR and for us to review/test before it goes back into master.  

I personally like rebasing for local development or while in a feature branch but prefer merging the feature branch back into master when complete.

Either way, I'm definitely in favor of getting the engine branch back into master soon.


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Subject: [katello-devel] Important: Katello: propose pushing 'engine' branch	to 'master'

Katello Developers,

After the engine -> devel rebase, we should all now be working out of 
the engine branch.

Yesterday in our scrum, we discussed whether we should move the engine 
branch to master.  The general feedback was 'yes'.

In order to do this, we will probably have to:

1. force push, the engine branch in to master

2. any open PR against master, will need to be updated to be based on 
the new code in master (i.e. engine-base code)
3. any open PR against engine, will need to be updated to merge to 'master'

I assume that we want to do this sooner than later, so I propose that we 
plan for this to occur first thing tomorrow morning (e.g. 8am EST).

Does the team agree with this approach/plan?
(Feel free to offer other suggestions, if there is a better one than 
force pushing)


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