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Adding modules to modules.cgz

I've got the small problem of trying to kickstart a machine with the
ks.cfg file on a SCSI harddisk.  This would work if using boot.img, but
I'd like to use bootnet.img since it already has all the NIC modules.

My problem arises from needing to get (for the sake of argument) the
aic7xxx module to work on bootnet.img.  In the Kickstart Howto it outlines
how to replace modules, so I followed them in the hopes that adding
modules would work the same.

This is what I tried:

1. Add aic7xxx.o module from boot.img to modules.cgz on bootnet.img (had
to remove the 3c*, de*, and wavelan modules to make space)

-- This didn't work so i looked around somemore and found other references
to the aic7xxx module.

2. Added refereces to aic7xxx module from module-info and pcitable in
modules/ on boot.img to the same files in bootnet.img.

-- still didn't work, but during Kickstart a message box pops up saying
"Loading aic7xxx", then disappears and a bunch of messages saying "error
2 reading header: Success" appear in the background.

3. Removed all references to the modules I removed from the files above as
well as modules.dep.

-- same results

What else can i tell you.....

I specify "linux ks=hd:sda5/tmp/ks.cfg" at the boot prompt.
I've confirmed that my /tmp is on sda5 and ks.cfg is in it.

The ks.cfg is right because it works if Kickstarting from a floppy.

What is the magic step to make this module work??

Also, a less important question at this point (or possibly the source of
all my problems).  I really completely understand the initrd.img.  I know
that does stuff after the kernel boots up but before your init stuff.....
btut that's about it.

I was poking around looking for some kind of white paper on it :)
but didn't find anything particularly enlightening.

Thanks.  Sorry about the length...

Jacob Woltersdorf
Research Assistant
ITTC University of Kansas
woltersd ittc ukans edu

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